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Handyman projects gallery, Photos

These are my Handyman Projects Gallery Photos. All work has been carried out to a high standard, maybe you need some of these problems fixed?

Here are some ‘before’ and ‘after ‘ shots of my own bathroom rennovation..


Bathroom rennovation


This is how my bathroom started out internaly. I was extending it so planned on a shower too.

The new window is in place but I had yet to finish knocking through to the additional extension.













Bathroom modernisation


Externaly it looked like this (although this is actually a shot of my neighbours) as I forgot to take a ‘before’ 🙂 Doh!









Bathroom rennovation Hockley


Two carpenters completed the structure. To improve the apearance I wanted a hipped and pitched roof to match up with the existing roof line. I also hipped the lytchgate roof at the same time.

Time then for the roofers to start their work. Three guys-all named Dave!! They really made a nice job. Efficient, family business, experts..




Bathrooms Hockley Southend


The extension was completed, walls lined with 12mm ply which affords a good screw fixing anywhere in the bathroom, then moisture resistant plasterboard. A framework to house the enclosed cistern which would later double as cupboard space for bleach. The window board would be removable to gain access.







I wanted something different, and I wanted my small room to look as large as possible. After lining the ceiling with Sellotex 100mm insulation and plasterboarding it was time to plaster. The guy I used was meticulous, he made a superb job. He protected my stair carpet, kept the mess to absolute minimum. It was fiddly working around all the beams but I couldn’t fault the end result, and he couldn’t have been more helpful.











Southend Handyman


All the plumbing work was carried out by myself. I wanted a shower with recessed pipework and just the control plate showing. A pump had to be installed with a separate cold feed from the water tank. My ‘gravity fed’ water pressure was abysmal before i tackled this job. Not now, the bath fills in record time too!

So the suite is in place, I replaced the entire floor with 18mm ply as I didn’t want any movement under the floor tiles.


Bathroom wall tiling


I chose the wall tiles and ended up making a border from two separate strips of tiles-as I liked both! My tiler didn’t complain, did a great job with minimal wastage. Pleasant, nothing was too much trouble for him.








Bathroom floor tiling


I’d always loved marble and wanted a black and white ‘chequerboard’  floor. Same tiler laid these.

In this shot you can just see the mirrored wall on the left, with a heated towel rail mounted on it. I used 3mm acrylic mirror sheet held in place with special adhesive.

Lighting is important to me, so I used halogen downlighters to bathe it in a clean white light which would accentuate the white suite perfectly.










LED Shower


Just had to have a ‘funky’ shower head! This has LED’s in it which show blue when the water runs cold, change to green when it’s ok to step in, and red if it’s too hot. It all works without any wiring-it uses the water flow to generate the electricity to make the LED’s glow!





Bathroom shower


Another view of the shower. You can see the vaulted ceiling with black beams, the entire wall to the left is mirrored right down to the floor so it ‘doubles’ the visual size.

There’s a new window, and the shelf hinges up so you can get to the toilet cistern, and store bathroom cleaning products out of site.

I got all this in a room only 1.2m wide!

Oh, there’s an Ipod dock centre, a sub woofer next to the toilet & two satelight speakers on that window shelf. £15 computer speakers on Ebay, they sound fantastic!








Bathroom rennovation Hawkwell


All looking good inside, & just to show you how it looks externally now..







Bathroom extension














Asbestos Garage roof



On to my next project, the garage roof. Originally made of corrugated asbestos it was definately past it’s sell-by date! Leaks & condensation were no good to me as I wanted the garage to be more like a room.

Covered in moss, this is how it looked.






Fiberglass roof


The roof was removed and correctly disposed of, then a new wooden roof constructed. I wanted it fiberglassed, as this is completely maintenance free and impervious to water. Boats are made of it so if they don’t leak, i knew my garage would be ok!

Resin is brushed on to the new woodwork, then fiberglass matting applied and soaked in. I had a guy that specializes in fiberglass roofs for this job.




Fiber glass roof


A grey pigment is mixed in with the last coat, as you can see in the shot my neighbours original garage roof in the background. All that’s left for me is to renew the row of bricks and tiles along the front edge above the door.

I have insulated the inside with Sellotex and plaster boarded it, just got to get my plasterer round now to complete it.




Hockley Southend Windows


I had new hardwood windows sometime ago but these were showing signs of age-the wood was all fine but I had let the stain weather for too long, needed to remove the whole lot down to bare wood and re stain. Every window & fascia board, what a job! I don’t like UPVC however I was about to pay the price of having to maintain woodwork.

Nitromors varnish stripper was applied, and using a scraper, sander & wire wool gradually removed the old wood stain.




I decided to use Sikkens products. They were expensive, at £50 a tin you didn’t want to knock one over! Or step in it! However the coverage was impressive. Guaranteed for 5 years-& then you only have to re-coat with a top maintenance coat. I had my work cut out! All my fascia’s are scalloped wood too..












Hockley Southend Handyman


I have to say Sikkens was superior to any other product I had tried, the results were first class. My woodwork looked brand new, and the grain was enhanced with the base coat, followed with the two top coat system.














Painting House


The following pictures show a bungalow I recently painted. I didn’t take a ‘before’ shot (Doh!) showing extensive flaking paint on the fascias, cracks in the rendering & rotten beams. It was time consuming as the Georgian windows are wood, so I had to scrape all the paint from the glass.





Painter and decorator


Once finished it fabulous, the owner very pleased with my hard work.

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