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Is your home secure? Do you have any Home Security installed? Read on for some cost effective ideas to deter would be thieves

Home Security Measures

Here is a list of tips and ideas to make your home more secure – and less appealing to a thief who wants to get in and out as quickly as possible without being caught or disturbed.

Dummy Alarm Box

Dummy Alarm Box
If you have an elderly relative who can’t cope with setting a burglar alarm, or who can’t afford to have one installed, then perhaps a false or dummy alarm box is a good idea.

Installation is easy – just pick a position where the box looks ‘right’. This is normally up high and away from being tampered with. It needs to be visible from the road, or rear alleyway to deter burglars.

The dummy alarm box is secured with screws and raw plugs to hold it securely to your brickwork or render.

People have asked me ‘do they flash’? The ones I supply don’t, but there are no batteries to change (or leak out), and no maintenance at all.

However if you would like to source a suitable alarm box of any make, and containing a flashing circuit I will be very happy to fit it for you.

Would a burglar know the alarm bell box is fake? I don’t know, as I’m not a criminologist. As an inexperienced opportunist thief would they take the risk, or just break into your neighbours house who doesn’t have any home security measures in place? I wouldn’t take the chance.

Door Security Chain

Door Security Chain
If you are elderly or live alone you could definitely do with a door security chain fitted to your main entrance door. This allows you to open your door a few inches and get a look at, and speak to the caller – before you decide to give them access to your home.

It prevents them from barging the door open and forcing their way in as you ‘see who is there’. It’s easy to fix to most doors and for the little money it costs, a fantastic value ‘must have’ security measure.

Dummy Security Camera

Dummy CameraThis security camera has 2 AA batteries inside to make a red light flash on the front to show it is actively ‘in operation’.

From a distance it looks like a great deterrent. Easily visible to someone who walks up the drive or garden path ‘checking your house out’. I wouldn’t want to be caught on CCTV and identified so I would give your house a wide birth if I saw a security camera installed.

Warning Sticker

Door Warning Sticker
Warning you are being filmed on CCTV ! As a burglar you don’t know if you are or not. It could be a fake warning sticker, or – just maybe there is a hidden covert camera. They are very small and discreet these days and can be concealed, so as a burglar are you prepared to ‘risk it’ ?

Price List

**For 2 or more items £10 discount ! **
Dummy alarm box supplied and fitted: £35.00
Door security chain supplied and fitted £20.00
Dummy flashing camera (requires 2x AA batteries) £30 each
Real CCTV Systems also installed, home and office POA

Security Light

On this bungalow there were a number of outside lights however they were old and in poor condition. The plastics were dirty and the lamp housings were covered in mildew.

I fitted new black lamps. I was really impressed with these as the housings are entirely plastic, meaning there are no bolts to rust, and no aluminium to oxidise causing problems years later when changing the bulbs.
outside light
I tried to renew the bulb in one of them and the holder had rusted in. The whole light fitting needed to be changed.
Security light

High Efficiency LED Bulbs cut your energy costs

I renewed the old 60 watt light bulbs with 7 Watt LED bulbs. These are very bright yet consume far less electricity! 4 outside lights on the bungalow draw a total of 240 Watts.
The new LED lamps give off plenty of light but only draw 28 Watts. So the whole project will pay for itself very quickly indeed.
security lighting

Replace those old home security light fittings with maintenance free modern units

Another thing I really like about these lanterns is that you can mount and connect up the back plate securely on the wall. It comes with rubber gromets to stop dampness getting in, and also a terminal block held in place so you can’t drop it. Once you have wired the fitting up, you ‘plug’ the main coach light housing in and secure with 2 small screws. It’s really simple and effective.
home security
Black back plate installed on wall and wired up.
outside light 5
Lantern with bulb in place, ready to offer up to back plate.
outside light 7
Job finished inside an hour and ready for a cuppa!

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