Pressure Wash Patio & Block Paving

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Is your patio or drive way looking a bit neglected? You could book me to pressure wash patio and block paving for you.

Pressure Wash Patio and Block Paving service

pressure wash patio block paving
When your patio slabs become dirty with age, they not only loose their nice looks, they can be dangerous if green algae build up makes them slippery. Block paving driveway with weeds and moss looks unsightly and with a bit of weedkiller, and some TLC it can all be freshened up and restored to it’s former good looks.

Pressure Wash your patio and block paving to increase your chances of a sale!

Trying to sell your house? It’s a very competitive market, and you want the best possible price for your house, so make it look nice! If you have people coming to view your house for rent, or to buy, then presentation can be important to clinch the deal you want. I can pressure wash your driveway, clean up your patio and it can really make a difference.

Clean out blocked gutters too!

With the extended wet period we had, the moss and lichen can build up in the guttering and cause leaks every time it rains. This will, over a period of time, rot your fascia board, so it’s important to keep your gutters clear. If you would like me to check the gutters for you when you book a pressure wash, just let me know! If they are clear and don’t need doing, at least you will have the piece of mind.

Before pressure washing, it’s a good idea to kill the weeds. This can be done by applying Pathclear, or Weedol a day or so before. You can do that or I can do it for you. It’s more effective than just trying to blast them out, as it kills the roots too, and the weeds are less likely to grow back.

Call 01702 200800 and book me to pressure wash your block paving. Prices for jobs in Rayleigh, Hockley and Southend area £20 per hour minimum of 2 hours. I can do as much or as little as you like!


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